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Need fast, accurate, professional and affordable human translations to reach a global audience? Then you have come to the right place!

At DYS Translations we provide timely and trustworthy translation services that have won the confidence of numerous companies at home and abroad.

If you want to expand your business to new markets, our services will help you achieve this goal.

We only work with the best professional translators, making certain that all of our linguists have extensive experience and translate exclusively into their native languages.

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We offer a comprehensive range of translation and localization solutions for various categories: Documentation, websites, manuals, software and much more. Anything you need will and can be done in the shortest possible time and according to your requirements. Here’s a range of our expertise:

  • App Localization
  • Video Game Localization
  • Website Localization
  • Product Description Translation
  • Video Subtitling
  • Blockchain, DeFi & Crypto Translations
  • Proofreading & Editing 
  • and much more.

Our Professional Translation Services:

Mobile Apps & Software Localization

Translation of mobile applications, app descriptions, online content, IT, database files, App Store localization, Google Play localization and more.

Video Games & Entertainment Localization

Translation of user interface, manuals, social games, gaming regulations, user reviews, game descriptions and more.

Blockchain & Crypto Translation

Translation of contracts, press releases, non-disclosure agreements, white papers, ICOs, DeFi projects, financial statements, legal matters and more.

eCommerce & Marketing Translation

Retail translation services for websites, product descriptions, advertising, retail web pages, email campaigns, Amazon listings, multilingual ppc, branding materials, and more.

eLearning & Education Localization

Translation of training materials, eLearning software, ebooks, video subtitles, CVs, resumes, exams and more.

Travel & Tourism Translation

Hospitality translation services for hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, tourist attractions, local events websites, blog posts, menus, leaflets, maps, and more.

Proofreading & Editing

Manuscript proofreading, presentation editing, copyrighting and more.

Subtitling & Transcription

Transcription services, subtitling, closed captioning, voice over and more.



We won’t waste your time choosing a service plan. In fact, there is only one: Professional.

At DYS Translations, we like to keep things clear and simple without compromising on quality. We provide the same high-quality localization services to all our clients.

Try our professional and affordable human translations now!


Localization services
$ 0,09
per Word
  • Human translation
  • Proofreading included
  • Unlimited Revisions

Professional Localization Services

All Formats Supported

Whatever the format is, we will localize it for you. Our company supports all formats, including .csv, .doc, .docx, .html, .json, .lang, .php, .plist, .po, .pot, .rc, .resw, .resx, .rtf, .strings, .stringsdict, .txt, .xib, .xliff, .xml, .xls, .xlsx, .yaml, and .yml.

Smooth Communication

We believe in person-to-person conversation. You can reach our team via email, WhatsApp, and Telegram. To project manage your translations, we can set up dedicated Slack channels.

Request a Free Trial

We'd be happy to get your concerns out of the way. Get a free test localization sample for any document with less than 300 words.

Localization Management

All major localization platforms are supported by DYS Translations: POEditor, Localise and Phraseapp. If you want to use another platform, we can have our translators work on it.


Sometimes you just need a single plan that includes everything and does not exceed your budget. DYS Translations offers you a professional all-in-one plan that costs only $0.09 (USD) per word.

Updates Friendly

Do you need to constantly update and localize your content by adding short sentences? We have everything for you!

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Our translators are qualified bilingual native speakers with professional skills. 60+ languages, 500+ translators with country-specific experience and expertise in mobile apps, video games, IT, marketing, finance, websites, tourism, education and more.

Connect with localization specialists who are native to your target culture now.