Top 10 Languages for Localization in 2023

It is now 2023 and the importance of linguists and translation services continues to grow as technological innovations and globalization continue to connect people across borders. In today’s business world, it is increasingly important for companies to be able to communicate with a global audience and overcome language barriers. This has led to a thriving […]

Using Slack for Your Translation Needs

Connect Our Teams to Slack for Your Translation Needs Slack is a free project management software used to improve team communication. It’s essentially a messaging tool that lets you keep your team connected, and it’s available for both desktop and mobile platforms. In addition to texting, it allows for file sharing and app integration, which […]

Blockchain-Based Projects Translation

Everything you need to know about blockchain-based projects Translation. In recent years, global interest in blockchain technology has almost quadrupled. Blockchain was initially associated with cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, but has evolved into a cross-industry and multi-purpose information technology. Now that the initial excitement over the revolutionary transaction technology has died down, several sectors of the […]

Bad Video Game Translations and How to Avoid Them

Bad Video Game Translations

Bad video game translations and how to avoid them Video games are one of the top priorities of the translation industry, and several video game translation services offer high-quality converted material. But don’t be fooled. Some video games have become notorious for poor translations! However, this does not mean that it was done on purpose. […]

Website Localization: Why It’s Important

Website Localization Why It's Important

Why website localization is Important Connecting with others has never been easier, as much of our lives now take place online. For business owners, this may include creating and constantly updating a website that accurately represents them. However, a website alone does not always guarantee success, especially if global expansion is one of the company’s […]