Top 10 Languages for Localization in 2023

It is now 2023 and the importance of linguists and translation services continues to grow as technological innovations and globalization continue to connect people across borders. In today’s business world, it is increasingly important for companies to be able to communicate with a global audience and overcome language barriers. This has led to a thriving […]

Bad Video Game Translations and How to Avoid Them

Bad Video Game Translations

Bad video game translations and how to avoid them Video games are one of the top priorities of the translation industry, and several video game translation services offer high-quality converted material. But don’t be fooled. Some video games have become notorious for poor translations! However, this does not mean that it was done on purpose. […]

Video Subtitling Importance and Benefits

Video Subtitling Importance and Benefits

Video Subtitling Importance and Benefits Online video content plays an important role in corporate advertising in today’s digital world, and video has become an extraordinarily powerful marketing tool. But have you ever thought about whether your video is reaching the audience you’re targeting? Have you ever wondered why you’re not getting the viewership you expected? […]

Video Games Localization: Why it’s Important

An outstanding game translation process is the finest approach to link a video game with a new audience. The game localization market is expanding at a rapid pace. The market for Video Games Localization Service is predicted to rapidly grow between 2022 and 2026. So, what exactly is game localization, and why is it important? […]

Top Languages for Localization in 2022

Top languages for localization

Linguists are becoming increasingly important in enabling communication as technological innovations spread across borders. Reports, product descriptions, brand slogans, as well as online events and seminars, are all things that many companies want to share with the global audience. Businesses expect to be able to overcome language barriers with the click of a mouse, as […]