4 Reasons Why You Should Localize Your Product Description

Translation Services for Marketing Materials

If you want to sell products online and target a global audience, you need translation services for marketing materials to create customized descriptions for your new target markets. Marketing translation is not just about translating words from one language to another, it’s also about making sure that features like measurements, sizes, and number formats are adapted to the traditions of the new language.

The importance of localizing product descriptions

As you work on translation, it’s important that product descriptions include culturally appropriate language, country-specific terms, and recognizable designs that will entice a potential buyer to purchase your product. You also need to ensure that your product is useful to the customer, taking into account cultural conventions and requirements.

Proper localization eliminates purchase barriers.

If you offer your website in your customer’s local language, it will undoubtedly have a positive effect. However, if the product descriptions are only translated and not fully localized, there may still be barriers to purchase.

Do the sizing details for the shoes or clothing ordered by the customer match local sizing conventions? Do they prefer measurements in metric or imperial units? If customers have to stop and research first, their chance of making an impulse purchase drops significantly.



Clarity of content

An original manual for your product, written by a professional linguist, can help buyers understand the benefits of the product while making your job easier.

In addition, if you write simply and without complicated expressions, terms or jargon, the possibility of misunderstanding by the customer is eliminated. You can also improve the clarity of your material by using focused terms that do not have many meanings.

Localized product descriptions help you rank higher in search engines.

You make it easier for your customers to find you by localizing the product descriptions in your web store. When customers search in their native language, your product descriptions must be written in that language to appear in search results.

Even if the name of the item’s manufacturer is the same in both languages, other information customers are looking for is likely to be in their native language.

Returns are reduced when a product is fully localized.

When your product descriptions are translated correctly and professionally, they include all relevant information in the format preferred by the consumer. This reduces the likelihood that customers will purchase the wrong size, length or volume of product and have to return it.


Product descriptions are not only the culmination of your marketing efforts, but also an important element in getting buyers interested in the first place. Yes, product descriptions should explain the product. But they should also help answer customer inquiries and draw the customer’s attention to the good aspects of the products they describe.

Your company can benefit from the product information localization services offered by DYS Translations. When developing a strategy, we consider legal restrictions, cultural views, and lifestyle trends that appeal to your target audience. We then deliver a repackaged product that is attractive to your new target audience.


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