Why It Is Better to Keep Your App Untranslated Than Using Google Translate

Why It Is Better to Keep Your App Untranslated Than Using Google Translate

Google Translate is a free online service that allows you to translate words, phrases, and web pages from English into various other languages for free. When Google turns text into another language for free, you may question why you should pay for a translation service.

Google Translate may be enough for the task at hand to translate single words across languages. However, if you are translating a relatively large amount of text and information, you may want to choose something a little more professional and comprehensive. Your app may be reliant on it. You should avoid using Google Translate for your website for the following reasons.

Unable to proofread the translation

Google Translate does not have the ability to proofread or correct any mistakes. A few accurately translated lines, a few grammatical faults, or a few wholly erroneous chapters might be found in your translation. Additionally, machine translation software is incapable of recognizing other critical features such as sentence flow, culturally acceptable idioms, and other such factors.

Translation of Substandard Quality

In every language, having high-quality information is essential. Unfortunately, machine translation technology does not place a high value on high-quality information.

Google Translate makes several mistakes since it does not grasp vocabulary, grammar, or syntax, as seen by the plethora of websites devoted to the subject. It also does not do any error checking. As a result, a straightforward Google translation of site text is often incomprehensible. Even worse, it may mistakenly translate things in a manner that is misunderstood by the intended audience.


Managed on an automated basis

Although translations are handled automatically, there is the option for users to manually produce their results. To put it another way, someone could purposely offer an inaccurate alternative to a certain word or phrase translation for the sole purpose of amusement. If this conduct goes unreported, it might have major ramifications for your application.

Concerns about confidentiality

If the text is very sensitive and includes personal data or other vital information, Google Translate should never be used to translate it. Once you have entered the text into the tool, it becomes the property of Google, and they are free to use the information as they see fit.

This may result in violations of applicable legislation or breaches of contractual obligations that you have established with your partners, customers, or suppliers, among other things.


Free translation does not compare well to professional translation services, according to the popular consensus. If a firm is attempting to establish its name and goods on the worldwide market, free internet translation tools such as Google Translate might have a detrimental influence on the app’s image and brand identification.

Improve your application and deliver information that is relevant by having a professionally translated multilingual website. Google Translate is not intended to do this for your application. To discuss your translation requirements, feel free to contact DYS Translations. We give you the languages you need to expand your app’s functionality.


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