With the changing times, whether it’s digital transformation or lockdowns due to pandemics like Covid-19, working and learning remotely has become the new normal. Keeping these employees engaged, tracking their progress, and personalizing their training and development needs are some of the challenges that companies and universities can overcome thanks to virtual training and eLearning platforms. With the globalization of the workforce and learners preferring to study in their native language, localizing your eLearning course will go a long way in keeping your learners engaged, motivated, and gaining that much-needed sense of inclusion.

DYS Translations offers you the perfect blend of highly skilled linguists, localization engineers, multimedia and training designers to ensure that your eLearning course achieves its learning objectives.

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Are you looking for a fast and professional translation service to localize your corporate eLearning courses and video training materials to train your international staff in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Japanese and Simplified Chinese? Then DYS Translation is what you’re looking for! We have both the expertise in the localization industry and the best and most flexible eLearning translation technology to ensure that all your eLearning courses, interactive tutorials, guides and self-learning videos are translated quickly and cost-effectively. Professional eLearning translation requires not only linguistic expertise, but also in-depth knowledge and experience in interactive multimedia processing, video editing, multilingual dubbing and software programming. This is why you need DYS Translations, the leading provider of complete eLearning translation and localization solutions.

Our Education Translation Services

Training Modules & Websites

Localization services for training modules and education website

Classroom-based Instructional Material

Translation service for classroom based instructional material

PPT & Multimedia Presentations

Translate your professional presentation for your class, interview

Training & Certification Programs

Localization service for training material and certification programs

Mobile Learning Courses

Translation service for mobile learning courses

Gamification Based Courses

Localization services for gamification based courses


When it comes to localizing eLearning programs and content, nothing beats experience. We understand that each training course and module is unique to the customer.

DYS Translations’ team of experienced project managers, linguists, dubbing artists and technical experts ensure that all eLearning courses and modules are efficiently analyzed, accurately translated and localized, and delivered on time and on budget.

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Professionals around the world have consistently rated videos as one of the most effective training options due to their narrative and descriptive capabilities. Online videos are increasingly the medium of choice for corporate training and client eLearning programs. However, video translation goes beyond the capabilities of ordinary translation service providers. You have invested a lot of time and money in developing your English training videos, and the last thing you want is poor quality localization of your eLearning videos. DYS Translations’ video translation solutions dramatically simplify professional eLearning video localization and ensure the best results. Simply send us the link to your video and tell us the target languages. DYS Translations will take care of the rest.

eLearning Localization for...

Course Content Localization

Presentation slides, notes, and handouts, student and instructor guides, technical documentation, translation of eLearning websites and platforms

Voiceover and Subtitling

DYS Translations can add a voiceover or subtitles to your multilingual slides or educational videos

Educational Software Localization

Learning management system content, quizzes and tests, mobile learning applications

Video Localization

Audio voiceover recording of pre-recorded lectures, video subtitling of simulations and role play videos, activities, and other interactive elements


When localizing educational content, it is not enough to just translate words. Content must be adapted to the target language, culture, and audience. Our native translators study your target audience and develop the best content translation and adaptation strategy for you. They understand even the most complex educational texts and terminologies, so you can provide your non-English speaking students with correct learning materials.

Our linguists speak 60+ plus languages, have advanced degrees in a variety of education fields and know how to navigate cultural nuances to maintain the meaning of your message. With our extensive vetting and quality assurance systems, your documents are guaranteed to be translated professionally, quickly, and cost-effectively.

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