Most frequent questions and answers

We localize between over 60 language pairs. The full list of supported languages can be found here.

It’s very simple. Just a few steps:
– You share the documents to be translated
– we carefully count the words to be translated and give you an accurate price quote and an estimated delivery date
– we start the project as soon as we receive your payment and deliver the documents on time

If you have all your documents ready and would like to move forward quickly, please place your order through our Order Now! form. Alternatively, feel free to contact us.

Our translators are certified bilingual native speakers with at least 5 years of experience in specific fields: Localization of mobile apps, e-commerce websites, video games, tourism, finance, eLearning, IT.
To join our team, they have to provide examples of their published translations and pass a test. The test is reviewed by our native translators.
We have at least five different translators for each language. We localize between over 60 language pairs.

We are very flexible and able to adapt to different solutions. We use POEditor, Localise, Localize, Phrase. If you have a platform you want to use, we can easily have our translators work on it.

– Yes, we handle updates for most of our clients, using the same translators who worked on the original project. In any case, we would use existing translations as a reference. In certain situations, we would create a glossary.
– One more thing: for texts under 60 words, we charge our minimum price per language: $5.

Our pricing structure is very simple: from English to any other language, we charge $0.09 (USD) per word. For documents under 60 words we charge our minimum price per language: $5.
Prices include proofreading, which means another native translator reviews the final documents before delivery.

We accept PayPal payments, credit cards, bank transfers and major cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH).
If you wish to pay by credit card, we will create a PayPal invoice; the PayPal invoice can be paid by credit card.