The proofreading and editing stage is often as important as the creation of the material itself, because poorly written information does not convey a clear message to the reader.

Our high-quality native proofreading services help you deliver your message to a global audience in a compelling, authentic and professional manner – avoiding thoughtless mistakes.

Our experienced proofreading services for web, print, or internal platforms cover more than 60 languages and can use as a stand-alone project or as an add-on service after translation to ensure your content is ready for publication.

To ensure your material is error-free, our qualified proofreaders check it for typos and grammatical errors that may have occurred. Our global team of qualified proofreaders specializes in translation proofreading and worldwide messaging. They address issues based on structure, coherence, punctuation, grammar, consistency, format, and style, among others.


Copyediting and proofreading services are provided by professional, first-language editors who are based in their respective countries.

Proofreading and editing are all about comprehending the context and meaning of your writing, as well as sticking to the tone of voice and rules that you’ve already established when you send your document through the system to be reviewed.

When it comes to making the most of your text and preparing it for publication, only a qualified and educated editor can help you. Despite the fact that we depend significantly on technology to make job processing and assignment as simple as possible, when it comes to online proofreading, it’s all about good old-fashioned hard work.

There are no secrets to it; instead, it is the result of more than 2,000 years of collected editing expertise. This proves how even when it comes to editing, human intelligence is still unrivaled in its capabilities.


Our editors are among the most knowledgeable individuals in the field of website content editing. Editors at DYS Translations have proofread language for programme dialogue windows, landing pages developed specifically for SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing), tutorial/instructional pages, and a variety of other documents.

  • Our editors are well-versed in the most recent trends and the keywords that many Internet users have come to recognise and trust.

  • Our clients have the choice of picking either American or British English, allowing us to tailor your material to your target market’s preferences.

We can even construct separate pages for both types, ensuring that your site reaches a larger audience. After modifying, we will remove your document from our databases, ensuring that no one else can use or republish your original content in the future.

Editing & Proofreading Services for...

Personal Use

Professional editors correct grammatical problems, including punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, spelling, sentence structure and more.

Business & Corporate

Editing and proofreading services for business documents such as white papers, reports, manuals, press releases, marketing materials and more.


Editing services for journal articles, dissertations, term papers, and assistance with admissions essays, projects and more.


Proofreading services for essays, projects, CVs, assignments, term papers and more.

Books & Manuscripts

We have all of the resources necessary to polish longer pieces of writing, manuscripts and more.


Book and manuscript proofreading services, as well as work analysis, query package preparation and more.


Regardless of the quality of the document, our professional editing and academic proofreading services will ensure that your research is presented in the most favorable light possible, giving you the greatest chance of being published or receiving financing for your efforts.

In addition to providing word-perfect editing for optimal readability, our proofreading services will ensure that all language, style, formatting, and referencing rules that are applicable to your work are adhered to to the letter and spirit.

When it comes to professional editing or proofreading, DYS Translations will ensure that your edited document fulfills international publication standards in both language and presentation regardless of the type of document you are looking to edit or proofread.