Travel and tourism have become easier with the spread of English as a world language and the advance of the Internet. Travel agencies are visited less and less and people plan their own vacations or weekend getaways each year. More and more websites like Expedia and TripAdvisor are making this process easier, making finding the perfect destination easier than ever! However, navigating and finding things of interest can be a challenge if the consumer does not speak the language of the destination. This is why translation is so important in the tourism industry.

Translation for hotels, restaurants, museums, tour groups, airports and other establishments is becoming less of a “should” and more of a “how.” If your company’s website or tourism materials are not professionally translated into multiple languages, you are already losing many customers.

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By speaking to international tourists in their native language, you can convince them that your hotel, restaurant or attraction is the best choice for them – that you care about their needs and would welcome them with open arms.

Whether you are an accommodation business, a restaurant, a travel agency or any other company in the travel and tourism industry, you may need DYS Translations. We translate and adapt your texts to best welcome your customers and enable them to choose the right product or service. We provide professional translations between over 60 language pairs for a wide range of texts.

Tourism Translation Services for:

Hotel & Guesthouse

Translation services for hotels, motels, guesthouses, hostels, lodges, resorts, bed and breakfasts website, blog posts, marketing material and more.

Restaurants & Bars

Translation services for restaurants, pubs, clubs, coffee houses and bars website, blog posts, marketing material, menu, brochures, leaflets and more.

Attractions & Parks

Translation services for attractions, historical parks, amusement parks and touristic sites maps, websites, marketing material, blog posts and more.

Museums & Galleries

Translation services for museums, galleries and libraries maps, itineraries, leaflets, websites, marketing material and more.

Local Events & Festivals

Translation services for local events and festivals marketing material, maps, itineraries, leaflets, websites, blog posts and more.

Travel Agencies

Translation services for travel agencies websites, blog posts, vacation packages, general terms and conditions, maps, marketing material and more.


If you want your translations to reflect quality service, you cannot risk your reputation and prestige with translations that you entrust to friends, acquaintances, or even your own employees. A poor translation reflects badly on your business and your company. The tourism and hospitality industry is all about positive experiences. So imagine how great the damage is and how long the pain lasts when you are accused of skimping on translation compared to the brief joy of having saved a few dollars, euros, pounds or a few words. We have all seen and read “strange” messages in some hotels and smiled at some tourist brochures.

Did you know that translation errors alone cost tourism in France 120 million euros?

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When we search the Internet, we do so in English. Therefore, the websites displayed by Google in the search results are also in English. But what if Spanish travelers search online for accommodation in Tokyo? You guessed it, they will search in Spanish.

If you have not localized your website, it will not contain the Spanish word for accommodation – “alojamiento” – or the correct spelling of Tokyo – “Tokio” – in Spanish, and your website will not appear in search results. Google will present them with a list of websites that contain their Spanish search term – that is, a list of websites that have been translated into Spanish. Simply put, if you want to attract Spanish, German and French tourists, you should have a website in Spanish, French and German.

Travel and Tourism Translations:

Websites & Blogs

Translation of website content, blog posts, newsletters, emails, privacy policies and digital marketing materials.

Brochures & Flyers

Translation of brochures, flyers, leaflets, information materials for hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and more.

Menus & Leaflets

Translation of menus and brochures for restaurants, bars, pubs and coffee houses and more.

Maps & Itineraries

Translation of local maps and itineraries for museums, local festivals, events and more.

Press Releases

Translation of press releases, news articles and announcements for local and national events.

Travel Guides

Localization of travel guides, travel books and tourist companions for foreign travelers.


DYS Translations has been providing translation services to entities in the tourism industry since 2010. Our main goal is to meet the communication needs of companies that receive international tourists.

We provide translations for hotel, guesthouse and hostel websites, restaurant menus, advertisements, marketing brochures, hotel documentation, resort brochures, blogs, travel guides, tourist welcome packages and any other document a visitor may want in their native language.

We always use native-speaker professional translators, and each completed translation is evaluated by a second translator who pays attention to every detail to ensure that the delivered text is optimal and suitable for publication. We put ourselves in the shoes of the tourist who has chosen your establishment as a destination and expects to have a great time.

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