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Everything you need to know about blockchain-based projects Translation.

In recent years, global interest in blockchain technology has almost quadrupled. Blockchain was initially associated with cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, but has evolved into a cross-industry and multi-purpose information technology.

Now that the initial excitement over the revolutionary transaction technology has died down, several sectors of the economy are focusing on researching and developing a wide range of applications, particularly in the area of peer-to-peer networks (computer-to-computer connections without an intermediary server).

The growing popularity of blockchain technology and everything related to it is naturally accompanied by an increase in the need for translation.

Translation of websites and apps for cryptocurrencies.

To take advantage of the global nature of cryptocurrency, your website and mobile apps should be accessible to people all over the world. If you have ever visited a website that was originally written in another language, you have probably come across the automatic translation tool. While this application can translate online texts in seconds and is very handy in a pinch, you have probably noticed that the translations are anything but accurate.

Relying on a poor translation can lead to misunderstandings and leave potential customers and investors with a bad image of your company. On the other hand, when you work with experienced website translators to make your website and app accessible in the appropriate languages, you show your customers that their business is important to you.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Translation.

If your business offers digital currency services such as crypto and blockchain, your Initial Coin Offering (ICO) needs to be carefully constructed to successfully engage with your prospects and target audience.

If your material is not translated correctly, you run the risk of sending the wrong message to potential and current stakeholders/customers. Therefore, you need to choose reputable translation services like ours to ensure that your company’s goals and vision are effectively conveyed.


White Paper Translation

If you own a crypto company, you need to educate your clients about your services so that they can properly evaluate your business. You need to provide digital documents about your services/products. Localizing or translating these digital documents/whitepapers can help you build a good reputation in the eyes of your potential customers.

NFTs translation

NFTs attempt to provide proof of digital ownership without relying on legal documents. However, copyright – the right to reproduce the image of the NFT you own – has been a hotly debated feature of NFTs entering the legal realm recently. These legal papers are mentioned in the terms, conditions, and deliverables of the NFT project. Some initiatives do not grant ownership of the NFT IPs, while some grant full ownership and others grant limited copyrights.

As a recognized legal translation agency, DYS Translation provides proficient, worry-free legal translation services. Our global network of experienced legal translators adheres to strict data security and privacy rules that ensure both quality of service and protection from data leaks.


Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are essential today and in the future. The demand for cryptocurrencies is worldwide, so global communication is required to solve problems. Our experienced linguists can help you expand your business.

Cryptocurrencies and currencies work similarly to languages. For things to work, they need to be agreed upon and understood.

Now you can have your crypto material translated by DYS Translations expert translators, with a re-check to ensure the quality of the original content.


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