Video Subtitling Importance and Benefits

Video Subtitling Importance and Benefits

Video Subtitling Importance and Benefits

Online video content plays an important role in corporate advertising in today’s digital world, and video has become an extraordinarily powerful marketing tool.

But have you ever thought about whether your video is reaching the audience you’re targeting? Have you ever wondered why you’re not getting the viewership you expected?

While creating great video footage is usually the first step, there’s one step you may have overlooked: adding subtitles. It’s been proven that subtitling your videos (training materials, social media videos, TV episodes or movies) has a significant impact on their performance.

Subtitles vs. captions

Many people confuse subtitles with captions. Although they can both be used in the same video, they aren’t the same thing. Subtitling services create a transcript of the conversation between characters, while captioning services translate that dialog.

The importance of video subtitles and translations

The most important benefit of subtitling services for Internet videos is improved search engine optimization (SEO). The inclusion of searchable text means that viewers can easily find and interact with your movies.

Video transcription, subtitling, and translation services are critical for businesses that create videos solely to promote services and goods. Having your films translated into as many different languages as possible with subtitles can increase the global reach of your films, commercials, or documentaries.

Literacy and language acquisition

Learning is one of the main reasons for the need for translated subtitles. If your business is in eLearning or eEducation, subtitles are essential. Subtitles can help children develop their reading skills while promoting literacy development. Subtitles help viewers of a video understand it better, pay more attention to it, and most importantly, remember it.

Video Subtitling

Create clarity

Adding captions, also known as closed captioning, to your video can greatly improve the comprehensibility of information, including technical terminology, industry jargon, or people/company names. Jargon, acronyms, or specific terms can be difficult for the audience to understand, especially if the viewer is unfamiliar with your area of expertise. Subtitles can help viewers remember information more easily by providing auditory and visual stimulation.

Increase the number of views of your videos

Subtitles and translations are important to increase the reach of your videos. You can add additional text to video footage by adding subtitles and captions. Your subtitling partner takes the opportunity to improve the content’s search engine optimization (SEO). With subtitles and captions, search engines can recognize your video and increase views.


The importance of subtitles and captions goes beyond just enjoyment. They’re critical to both learning and business success. Subtitles ensure that the message of your video is conveyed to a larger audience, maximizing success.

We know of tools that can automate subtitles and translate videos. At first glance, subtitle automation may seem like a quick and inexpensive option for certain businesses. However, we value quality and respect the end users of audiovisual material. For this reason, we use NEVER automated software. At DYS Translations, we know that there’s no substitute for the work of native professional linguists when it comes to subtitling.


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